It’s all about the sound. Brett Walberg is a saxophonist, educator and community builder based out of Boston. Over the past 15 years, Brett has strived to create music that is honest, unique and invocative of the great master’s of previous generations. Over this time, Brett has played throughout the US and Europe, leading groups aimed at developing new material and with a craftsman-like diligence, producing performances that are an honest representation of the music that means so much to him. 

Without Community we are nothing. While composing, producing and performing, it has always been a central tenant to create sustainable and equitable spaces for musicians to perform and create. Over the past several years, with the help of collaborator Zach Olson, created the Session @ Virtuosity, a community jam session with the focus on helping young musicians interact and work together. Since the Pandemic, Walberg has created and facilitated livestream performances out of Virtuosity, allowing for musicians to get back playing and providing music to the community. 

You never stop learning. Even when you stop learning. As an educator, Brett works as an Adjunct Professor of Music at Lasell University, has a robust private studio and is a guest clinician. With a focus on the Sociopolitical aspects of music in the United States, Walberg continues to educate and advocate for honest dialogue about the history, music and the ramifications of the history of the United States.