Brett Walberg
Release Date
25 Feb 2022
Over the past few years, I have spent a lot of time thinking about my childhood in rural Massachusetts and how it has affected my approach to work, art and music. So many seminal moments of my young life were framed by working out in the yard with my Father, doing many of the chores that I composed tunes about. That and the trusty tractor that we had to do everything we need to do. I hope this record conveys the history and storytelling from my childhood that was only possible with such a spectacular band of dear, trusted friends. credits

released February 25, 2022

Brett Walberg - Saxophone/Flute/Bass Clarinet

James Heazelwood-Dale - Bass

Tyson Jackson - Drums

Recording Engineer - Sam Gossner

Mixing/Mastering - Gordon Neidinger

Album Art - Ken Calhoun

Special thanks to my heart of hearts, Becky Schneebaum license all rights reserved


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